Before Sandcastles

1949 - 1951

At the Fete* at St. Michael’s Church last Saturday, I mentioned to one of the Archive editors that I spent two years schooling 1949/51 at the building which now houses Sandcastles Nursery.  Benfleet Junior School did not have enough room for two classes, so the girls from both classes were taken by bus from Benfleet School daily to that building, before we were able to join King John School.
Our form (teacher Miss Peacock) were the  first class of 13 year olds to be taken into King John School, which was then  Benfleet Secondary School.
I attach a class photo taken outside what is now Sandcastles Nursery.

Benfleet School on location in Hadleigh 1949/51

I went on to leave King John’s School in July 1953 after having spent one year in the first Extended Course run by the School which had two sections, one shorthand/typing (Mrs Peters) the other nursing.  I was present helping with the families who were evacuated from  Canvey floods in February 1953.
Here is a photo outside King John School of myself, Celia Cutting, Maureen Schooling and Olive Medinski who all took shorthand/typing in the Extended Course.

Patrica, Celia Cutting, Maureen Schooling and Olive Medinski

(*Ed: Daws Heath Village Fayre 12th July 2014)

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  • What a super picture, Patricia! (If you click on the 1949 – 1951 picture, it opens in a larger frame.) I wonder if you can remember the names of some of your classmates? Many of them might still be living in the Castle Point area and would now be in, what, their mid-seventies (with children and grandchildren)? It would be amusing to append some names, although (of course) it is always more difficult to trace girls once they have changed their surnames on marriage. But perhaps, if you can make a start, others might be inspired by your lead?

    By David Hurrell (24/07/2014)

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