History of a Hadleigh Bungalow

Dorlie, 72 Castle Road West

The story of our family home.

The plot of land in Castle Road West on which Dorlie stands was sold on 21st June 1910 by Mr. Warren to Mr. Malthouse, a local builder who built the bungalow. On the 23rd December 1919, Mr. Malthouse sold it to the Reverend H. Davis Bull, my maternal Grandfather, who, on the 12th September 1921, transferred the deeds to his daughter, my Mother, as a wedding present. The name Dorlie was made up from my parents Christian names – DORis and LesLIE.

At that time, there were no services laid on. I can just remember water being pumped up from a well. Lighting was by oil lamps, heating and cooking by coal fires and there was an outside toilet which was emptied once a week by the council’s horse and tankcart. Over the next few years, services became available down Castle Lane and eventually into Castle Road West.

In 1929, an extra plot of land to the north was purchased by my Father, making a larger garden for him to enjoy his gardening hobby. In 1970, my parents found that the large garden was too much for them to look after so Dorlie was sold and they moved into the small bungalow next door. No. 72 has changed hands twice since then and has been modernised.

With its marvellous views over the Salvation Army Colony, the River Thames and Kent, I hope it will be lived in for many future years and that families will be as happy as we were living there.

Bill of sale
Ian Hawks
Dorlie in 1940
Ian Hawks
Doris, Ian, Erica, Leslie Hawks 1940
Ian Hawks
Dorlie in 2000
Ian Hawks
Dorlie in 2011
Ian Hawks

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  • What’s with the Castle Road West bit; has a bit fallen off the name plate?

    By Rob Keen (20/06/2013)
  • Happiness is a home in Hadleigh. We are but pilgrims passing…

    By Robert Hallmann (28/11/2011)

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