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Local delivery

In the late 1920s, milk was delivered locally by horse and cart and the milk taken to your door in a pewter container, which was then poured into your jug.  It was soon afterwards that milk bottles were introduced.

{Ed: here is a further reference to the history of Howard’s Dairies.}

Local delivery by horse and cart
Ian Hawks
Pewter milk can
Ian Hawks
Ian Hawks

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  • I have a memory, circa 1935-6, of milk being delivered in bulk to homes in rural England.  Is this an accurate memory?

    By JANE BEDNO (14/10/2017)
  • Hi – I am TONY HOWARD, a relative desperate to get in touch with my long lost side of the family!! My grandfather was Joseph Howard born in 1913 but we don’t know anything about his family as he never talked about them?  PLEASE PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

    By Tony Howard (08/03/2016)
  • I have just found an old milk bottle 18inches deep in mud. For over 31 years I’ve lived here in Eastwood and it was a nice moment. Not worth much but a nice keepsake in mint condition.  

    By Alan hill (01/09/2015)
  • I worked as a milk boy from 1964 until 1968 at Shotgate (nr Wickford). The milkmen came from Rayleigh Howards Depot. Their two names were John Cootes and Terry Hare. Terry was just brill to work with. Top man. Terry lived in the Thundersley area during the 60’s, married with children.

    By Chris Benning (26/08/2014)
  • Anyone above got any Howard’s Dairies photos?

    Many thanks


    By Paul Luke (24/02/2014)
  • My mother was Kathryn Joan Howard, granddaughter of George Howard the head of Howards Dairies until 1939.

    By Jonathan Lewis (18/02/2014)
  • My father was born in 1915 and raised in Thundersley. He would tell a tale that he worked from a very young age doing a milk round on a horse and cart going from house to house with the dairyman selling fresh milk from a huge (to him) pewter pail which he could barely lift. I am researching his life at the moment and I am so delighted to see this page. Could this be the exact pail that he used? The picture of the horse and cart is certainly as he remembered it. Perhaps he got told off by his master the dairyman one day, and shoved it off the back of the cart? My father recently died aged 94 but I wonder if he would’ve remembered a lost pewter pail on Leigh Marshes!

    By natalie (23/10/2013)
  • Some several years ago, I was walking on the Leigh Marsh below the tide mark and came across a wide-necked, fluted Howard’s Dairies milk bottle, in pristine condition. I washed it carefully, filled it with Jersey milk and sealed it with a home-made waxed cardboard cap. This was left on Derek and Paddy Barber’s doorstep the following morning, for a jape. Subsequently, when the Barbers moved, Derek gave the bottle to our old mate Peter Hammerton who, having been an employee of Howard’s in his youth, rather coveted it.

    By David Hurrell (03/01/2013)

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